The team members of Grab the Cat come from different horizons (journalism, animation, documentary, finance…), each one bringing his own skills and insight, all working for the same purpose : creating original content with exigency and creativity.


Jesus Castro-Ortega is a writer and director who has worked internationally on various documentary films for French television. His most notable works include “In Balance” (France 3), “Snowpiercer: from the white page to the black screen”, the making-of videos of director Bong Joon-ho’s “Mother” and “Snowpiercer” and a documentary feature on “Memories of Murder”.







Eddy Fluchon is a screenwriter. He first started working at Millimages as head writer on animated series « Diego et Ziggy » (Canal+ Family, BBC), « Mon Robot et Moi » (France 3, Canal J) and « Molang » (Canal+). He went on to work on « Boule & Bill » (France 3), « Grabouillon » (France 5), « OVNI » (Canal+), « Mon pote le fantôme » (Disney), « Marcus Level » (TF1), « Corneil et Bernie » (Canal J), « Caliméro » (TF1), « Mia » (Tiji), « Les minijusticiers » (TF1), among others.

As of today, he has worked on and co-wrote more than 250 episodes.






Shanshan Zhu is the managing director of Grab the Cat. She holds a degree in Business Administration as well as a master’s degree in Chinese-English and International Business. Her professional and personal experiences, as well as her passion for film creation, have led her to pursue a career in Culture and Society.


Long Zhou left China when he was 19 and has since embraced a new life in France. With a background in finance, Zhou’s curious and open-mindedness has led him to collaborate on various projects including films.   


Irene is a documentary film producer who has worked on a variety of projects including commercial, feature and short films and web productions across Europe and abroad.  

In 2018 she co-wrote and produced the award-winning documentary short film « EZK: Beyond the Walls ». Her documentary short directorial debut « LIFE AFTER: A Story of Unexpected Friendships & Random Sh*tstorms » premiered at the LA Women’s Doc Fest in 2020.

Sidenote: she’s a dog person.