Animated Series Pilot


Are humans a threat for the balance of the universe ?

Aliens, The Globians, (inhabitants of the « Globe » planet) are silently observing us from a laboratory established on the hidden side of the moon, to create an encyclopaedia of humanology and to answer this delicate question : Are humans dangerous for the interstellar balance ?

Their method : take everyday life objects like animals, plants through a teleporting ray and test them in their huge modular lab.

Unfortunately, even if they are meticulous precise and organised… their conclusions are completely wrong !


  • 5mn


Written and Directed By

  • Eddy Fluchon
  • Mathias Cremadez

Coproduced By

  • Grab the Cat
  • Studio 2 Minutes

With the support of

  • Région Poitou Charentes and CNC

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